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To solve your public or private legal matters through trial or discussion is the job of a Litigation lawyer. If you are held in any kind of dispute whether civil, public or even private, you can hire a lawyer to overcome the issue. The litigation lawyers are civil attorneys who are experienced and have enough knowledge to deal with any kind of civil and criminal matters. You can find an attorney easily and can discuss your matter to resolve. First you must take an appointment from an attorney to discuss your matter. As per the appointment schedule you should reach to the litigation and explain him the matter in detail. Litigation is a term used to describe all legal steps involved in settling a controversy between two or more parties. The period for the trial can be before, after or during the controversy.

In general term litigation involves both civil and criminal cases. The parties who are involved in dispute are called litigants and the lawyer who handles proceedings is called litigator. Almost all lawyers who practice litigation handle both civil and criminal cases. Apart from this, the litigation lawyers also resolve disputes and other settlement methods like meditation and arbitration. If the case is very serious and needs an administrative trail then they also bring it to the court for hearing. In a lawsuit, litigation can involve anyone, two individuals, an individual with a business, a business with another business, a government agency with another agency or a government agency with a business. The list of cases involved in litigation is unlimited and so it is similar with criminal cases as well.

A litigator’s job is to prepare for the trial in the court even if the dispute is to settle through negotiation. In some cases opposing parties also decide to settle their dispute outside the court. When someone breaks a state law or commits an offense against the society then this offense is called criminal litigation. On behalf of the society the government takes action against the offender. The government is represented by a litigator or a prosecutor and the offender is represented by a private criminal lawyer or a public defender appointed by the state. Many states have divided crime into two categories Misdemeanors and Felonies. Misdemeanors are less offense which results in less than a year. Some examples are breaking a law, theft, possession of a small amount of drug etc and the result is fine or jail.

Felonies are serious offense that results in jail for more than a year or even big amount of fine. Murder, racketeering, rape, kidnapping etc are all felony offense. In these types of offense the guilty may find the result as death penalty. In both the case whether it is civil or criminal, the parties can solve their issues outside the court. They can settle the dispute by the help of mediator before the trial begins and this is advantageous for both parties because they can save their time and not required to visit court for the hearing. For this they can hire a litigation lawyer who can help them to resolve the issue.

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Litigation lawyer can help to resolve

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This article was published on 2009/03/04