Defense Litigation - What Is It All About

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During the course of representation of the lawyer of criminal defendants, the different legal tactics that are employed are referred to as defense litigation. However, the extent and nature of legal actions used by the defense lawyer would depend on the fact whether the prosecutor and the police have religiously followed the safeguards of the constitutional procedure. In numerous US cities like Las Vegas and Henderson, you would find that any litigation law firm would be able to help you fight in such cases.

In certain situations, if the criminal lawyer presents a valid legal argument which affirms that due process violations have taken place, then it may result in the client walking away free of any sort of charges. For example, if it is proved that the police were unsuccessful in providing any type of probable cause to have his client arrested; the court of law may order that the charges against the accused be dropped. Similarly, if it is seen that the police unlawfully obtained some evidence against the accused, then the defendant's lawyer may argue for the evidences to be dismissed. Such cases are quite common for any litigation law firm in numerous US cities like Winchester and Las Vegas.

Proper proof, which is always welcome in any court of law, is evidence which shows that the accused is in fact guilty beyond any doubt. One of the primary strategies, which any litigation attorney would follow, is to raise a sufficient amount of questions in the minds of the jurors pertaining to the fact whether the prosecution has actually met with this burden. Another common strategy of a number of litigation lawyers is to try to weaken the believability of the witness which the prosecution has provided. This is done by stringent cross-examination of the witness.

At the end of the trial, if the jury convicts an accused, then the primary job of the defense litigation lawyer would involve reviewing possible options to overrule the verdict. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable litigation law firm - Las Vegas and Lake Havasu City are some of the US cities where you can hire the services of experts from Kensington Hartnett Las Vegas Litigation Attorneys. They provide services to business clients for both defense litigation and plaintiff litigation. They also offer advice and counsel regarding preventive measures that would assist their clients to avoid litigation. To access further information about their services, visit their website
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Defense Litigation - What Is It All About

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This article was published on 2011/02/19